who we are

Avoid Agency is a super team that combines the powers of a social media expert and digital strategist,
a marketing consultant, and a PR consultant and communication advisor.
After years of referring clients to each other, it made perfect sense of join forces to disrupt and shake things up.

the team

Jennifer Kanaan

Social Media and Digital Marketing Super Agent

Living and breathing solution-oriented strategies, Jennifer Kanaan, is on a mission to tactically attack the problem. Her weapons are customized solutions that empower startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs with agency expertise that fits their budget. Clicking in and out of digital worlds, she channels her expertise in different platforms. She works undercover on social media listening, strategy, calendars, crisis management plans, and analytics in addition to digital marketing, communication, and campaigns. A walking social media agency, she’s the one with awfully creative solutions.

Naila Saba

Marketing Rock Star

After 18 years of marketing well-known brands at multinational FMCGs (including PepsiCo, L’Oréal, and Unilever) and 10 years as a senior marketing consultant specialized in developing chart-topping marketing strategies for startups, NGOs, and SMEs, Naila is now dancing to her own tune. Her hottest tracks are marketing research, marketing strategy, marketing plans, marketing communication, design thinking, ideation, and advertising. She sings about the medium, the message, the budget, and the results. A marketing diva, she’s the one with terribly effective strategies.

Raya Nasr

PR & Communication Guru

Building communication strategies tied to creative solutions, Raya connects clients with their goals. Enlightened about the shifts in PR in the digital age, she is aware of the right tools and media outlets. Having experienced the full cosmos of PR as a strategist and practitioner for multinationals and large corporations, she foresees that entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups are tomorrow’s multinationals. An experienced one-woman PR agency, she develops PR campaigns that raise awareness, build brands, and truly influence. A PR leader, she’s the one with horribly good ideas.

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